Why Sugar is bad for you?

                                       Why Sugar is bad for you?

Sugars are a type of simple carbohydrate that occur naturally in some foods and drinks. They are also an additive in certain foods and drinks. Consuming too much sugar can lead to health problems

Weight gain 

  • In most cases, sugary foods and drinks are high in calories. Consuming too many of these products will lead to weight gain, even with regular exercise. There is strong evidence showing that excess dietary sugar is a cause of weight gain.

Risk of Heart Disease

  • Consuming too much sugar, especially from sugar-sweetened drinks, has been linked to atherosclerosis, a disease characterized by fatty, artery-clogging deposits 
  • A study in over 30,000 people found that those who consumed 17–21% of calories from added sugar had a 38% greater risk of dying from heart disease, compared to those consuming only 8% of calories from added sugar

Risk of Depression

  • While a healthy diet can help improve your mood, a diet high in added sugar and processed foods may increase your chances of developing depression.
  • Consuming a lot of processed foods, including high-sugar products such as cakes and sugary drinks, has been associated with a higher risk of depression 

Tooth cavities

  • After eating sugar, bacteria in the mouth form a thin layer of plaque over the teeth. These bacteria react with the sugars present in foods and drinks. This reaction triggers the release of an acid that damages teeth.


Accelerate the Skin Aging Process 

  • Wrinkles are a natural sign of aging. They appear eventually, regardless of your health.
  • Consuming a diet high in refined carbs and sugar leads to the production of AGEs, which may cause your skin to age prematurely


If you want to choose sugars, then go for a better substitute. 
Naturally produced sugar i.e. honey made by honey bees, is a healthier alternative.

Healthy roots unrefined Honey is by far the best choice because It is Natural and it contains Minerals and Nutrients. 

Benefits of honey:

  • Combats harmful bacteria
  • Cure sore throat
  • Promotes oral health
  • Improves digestive
  • Control blood sugar level
  • Glycemic Index(GI) is less than sugar
  • Boost your memory
  • Strengthens your immunity
Healthy roots honey is available in many flavors. Flavors you might never taste before.