Healthy Gift Hamper No. 9


Healthy Gift Hamper No. 9

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About Healthy Roots Gift Hampers:
As Indians, every celebration feels incomplete without a warm exchange of gifts. For years, we have been regaling our love with chocolates and Indian delicacies but Healthy Roots is here for a change. 
We plan on invigorating this heartful ritual in a very thoughtful way. We present you, Healthy Roots wholesome gift hampers to celebrate all your special bonds without compromising on anyone’s health. So, go ahead and gift these incredibly nourishing products with no chemicals, preservatives or additives, whatsoever.

The gift box includes the following items:

  • Honey Cherry- 250gm
    Healthy roots Honey Cherry is an ultimate delight for health conscious people with a sweet tooth. Filled with delicious red cherries, each spoon of this tastes like absolute heaven.

  • Coconut Dates- 100gm
    Crunchy dry coconut flakes naturally sweetened by dry dates to satiate your hunger pangs in a healthy way.

  • Mix seeds Roasted- 100gm
    A nutritious combo of roasted seeds like sunflower, pumpkin, flax; drizzled with rock salt.

  • A2 Gir Cow Ghee- 500ml
    Known as a mega superfood and quintessence of nourishment, our A2 Gir Cow ghee is made traditionally from butter using the Vedic bilona method. Experience the real feeling of ghar wali ghee as you devour your favourite food laced with Healthy Roots A2 Gir cow Ghee.

  • 7 Seeds- 100gm
    A nutritious combo of roasted seeds like muskmelon, sunflower, pumpkin, flax, watermelon, white sesame, black sesame; drizzled with rock salt.

  • Honey Gulkand- 250gm
    A cool & scrumptious amalgamation of fresh rose petals and healthful natural honey.

  • Roasted Makhana (Black Pepper & Rock salt)- 40gm
    A classic blend of black pepper and rock salt sprinkled on crunchy roasted makhanas for a yummy mid meal snack.

  • Roasted Makhana (Barbeque) - 40gm
    Crispy and crunchy roasted makhanas tossed in fiery spices and olive oil for a zesty indulgence.

  • Almond Oil- 100ml
    Looking for a multipurpose oil? Try Healthy Roots Almond Oil. It has a delicate sweet flavour and comes handy because of its culinary and curative properties.

  • Flaxseed Oil- 100ml
    This oil is one of its kind with dynamic nutritional properties. It contains plenty of omega 3 fatty acids and can be used

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