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Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Honey

Owing to the density of water and high in sugar, honey doesn’t allow the development of bacteria over it. Plus, it curbs the development of microbes because of hydrogen peroxide. We can trace humans and the love for honey back to history.  Besides varying health benefits, honey also possesses certain medicinal benefits like an ointment to heal wounds, the best medicinal alternative for fever and stomach disorders. It helps in the prevention of cancer and heart issues, eliminate ulcers, digestive issues, help maintain blood sugar levels, ease coughing and sore throats, help athletes deliver the best performance.  Calories & Micronutrients in Honey:  1 tablespoon of honey= 64 calories + 17 grams of carbs with petite to n o fat, protein,...

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Cold Pressed Oil or Refined Oil- The Process and Verdict

“Your health is similar to an outfit, looks and feels different to everybody.” As mentioned in the previous blog, naturally pressing seeds to extract oil from sesame, coconut, groundnut, peanut, olive seeds is generally defined as the cold-pressing process. Which leads to natural and healthy extraction of cold-pressed oil.  A few native words that define cold pressing oil machines are namely- Ghani, Kolhu, and Chekku. This process is brought to a conclusion without the application of heat which turns cold-pressed oils into the purest form of oil against others.  Previously, a perambulating animal was used to grind the oilseeds to extract the oil. Now, mechanical oil pressing machines have replaced the same.  On the contrary, chemically extracted oils from canola, soybean, safflower,...

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