Cold Pressed Oils | Naturally Extracted Kachi Ghani Oils

Healthy roots bring you the epitome of purity and goodness for your health: cold-pressed oils for an enhanced culinary experience. Our wood-pressed oils are extracted by crushing the oilseeds at a nominal temperature without adding chemicals or preservatives.

These oils are cholesterol-free, best for Indian cooking, and are traditionally known as Kachi Ghani Tel. Take a break from refined oil by switching to the purest Kacchi Ghani Oil in Mumbai, brought to you by Healthy Roots.

Healthy Roots is more than just a brand; it's a commitment to health and quality. Located in the heart of Mumbai, we bring to you the finest Cold Pressed Oils India has to offer. Our oils are not just for cooking; they are a step towards a healthier lifestyle. Choose Healthy Roots for an authentic, pure, and enriching culinary experience.

100% Pure and Natural
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