Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil
Healthy Root Cold pressed Groundnut oil with no chemicals, preservatives, heat process and adulteration
Healthy Roots cold pressed Groundnut Oil maintain cholestrol,helps in digestion, improves liver  function
Fry, drizzle, saute and bake using Healthy Roots Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil
Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil
Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil
Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil


Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

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  • No chemicals, No preservatives, No heat process: Healthy roots cold-pressed Groundnut oil is packed with the best quality Groundnut seeds without heating or adding any chemicals to protect all the natural characteristics and nutrients of the Oil.
  • Traditionally extracted: Kacchi Ghani Groundnut Oil is extracted by crushing oilseeds in a wood churner. This helps preserve the vital nutrients, rich aroma and flavour of oil.
  • Healthier Substitute of Refined Oils: pure Groundnut Oil Contains Healthy fats, perfect for all types of cooking and frying, makes a food super light and absorbed less by food.
  • Sedimentation: We do not believe in mass-producing or over filtering the extracted oil. Our unrefined oils are manually filtered due to which it contains very small particles of seeds that have a tendency to settle down. These settle seeds particles are rich sources of Vitamin E.
  • No artificial flavour or Fragrance: Refined oils are added with flavours and fragrances just to make them presentable but we do not add any of them.

Customer Reviews

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Bhavika Shirke
Impressive brand

I have brought groundnut oil. It tastes great, and the smell is excellent. You can feel the taste of nut. It is worth spending money on great products like this. It is prime for health.

Pooja Chag
Good for health

Cooking with groundnut cold-pressed oil has many health benefits. Acidity problems go away, and no heavy feeling even when eating oily food.

Priya Pranjal
Renew the regular oil

I think refined oils that we use can't use again and again; transfat is one reason, but as soon as you look at the oil after it cools down, there is so much residue that you directly have to replace the oil.

Arya pawar
I like the Smell

The smell of the oil shows that it is extracted from the groundnut only.

Kamiya Bhakta
Eat healthy

Healthy roots cold-pressed groundnut oil has become part of our healthy lifestyle, as it helps in managing cholesterol. As per nutritionists, we must keep changing our cooking oil to get maximum health benefits from it.