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It is a process in which oil seeds are pressed at room temperature to extract the oil. No additional heat, solvents or chemicals are used during the process. As a result, the extracted oil preserves the nutritional properties of the oil such as Enzymes, vitamins, tocopherols, essential fatty acids and aroma etc.
The extracted oil is allowed to settle for 48 hours so that seed residue settles down. And the oil then bottled.

Cold Pressed oils have good mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and are unique in taste and color. They are extracted through cold pressing, not subjected to high temperature or using chemicals or solvents where they retain the nutrient value & are not destroyed.

Healthy roots oils are cold pressed oils extracted at room temperature using mechanical means using a wood churner. They are 100% pure, chemical free, natural & healthy oils. There is no refining, bleaching, deodorizing or any solvents added during the oil extraction process.

Cold pressed oil means that oil is extracted at room temperature through crushing of oil seeds using a mechanical method which helps oil retain its natural healthy nutrients.No chemicals, solvents & additives are used. Cold pressed oil can be used both topically and internally, excellent for cooking and baking. It is also a fantastic health supplement, skin and hair care product. During hot press oil process, the oil seeds is roasted and oil is extracted using expeller. Refined oils are extracted using hot press process. This is done at very higher temperatures, typically above 100° celsius which degrades the quality of the oil and requires further processing methods such as bleaching and deodorizing which is harmful for our health.

One can recognize by its colour, not too light, not too dark. Being natural & no chemicals involved shelf life of such oils is about 6 months only.
Refined oil or Translucent oil that is too dark indicates that it has been preheated or pressed at very high temperature.

Extracting the oil on a wooden churner is a ancient Indian technique which comes from Ayurveda. The oil seeds are crushed in the wooden churner to extract the oil from it at normal temperature without adding any chemicals. This maintains the real taste, sweetness and nutritional aspects of the seed in the oil. It also elevates the taste of the food cooked in the oil making it overall a healthy eating option.

Wood used in the churner is made of Neem / Babool /mango trees as suggested by Ayurveda. Due to this all the natural values are maintained in the oil and is beneficial in the natural way. Therefore for overall family 's good health the oil extracted from wooden churner only must be used.

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