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Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

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Sesame oil, also known as Til oil, is Ayurveda’s one of the most popular oils. Due to its calming and nourishing properties, it becomes the best choice for health conscious people. It is widely used as a preservative for pickles & enhances the taste of salad, chutneys, marinades and all Asian dishes.
  • No chemicals, No preservatives, No heat process: Healthy roots cold pressed Sesame oil is packed with the best quality Sesame seeds without heating or adding any chemicals to protect all the natural characteristics and nutrients of the Oil.
  • Traditionally extracted: Kacchi Ghani Sesame Oil is extracted by crushing oilseeds in a wood churner. This helps preserve the vital nutrients, rich aroma and flavour of oil.
  • Healthier Substitute of Refined Oils: pure Sesame Oil Contains Healthy fats, perfect for all types of cooking and frying, makes a food super light and absorbed less by food.
  • Sedimentation: We do not believe in mass-producing or over filtering the extracted oil. Our unrefined oils are manually filtered due to which it contains very small particles of seeds that have a tendency to settle down. These settle seeds particles are rich sources of Vitamin E.
  • No artificial flavour or Fragrance: Refined oils are added with flavours and fragrances just to make them presentable but we do not add any of them.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Amol Rathod
Pure Oil

I am satisfied with this product.
It has the taste and fragrance of real
sesame, and of course it is a value for money product.

Sarifa Khatun
Cooks my food delicious

Nice packaging.
There was no leakage.
Also, the oil really enhanced my dishes.

Anushka Pal
Stunning item

Worth spending money on this product because this oil is prime for health.

Aarush kumar
Fresh quality of oil

I have always admired
the authenticity of healthy roots.
Like always this oil stood out for me.
Both for cooking as well as my skin care. Surely will buy it again.

Priyank Ahuja
Full satisfying product

The quality is excellent, and the smell of cooking was so good.

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