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Healthy roots After Ate is known for its taste and acts as an efficient mouth freshener. This flavourful, nutritional snacks will easily substitute any packet of junk, satisfy your cravings and give you the gift of health too. Adding after ate to your diet or in the health care regimen moderately can help you gain many benefits.

  • No chemicals, preservatives, or additives: By eating well, Healthy Roots has taken the first step toward a life that is both healthy and fulfilling. As a result, it has produced another flourishing product after ate, which is made by fusing sesame seeds, turmeric, lemon & rock salt. This guarantees that all of the flavors and nutrients from nature remain intact.
  • Curbs craving: Healthy roots after ate is the most versatile superfood in the health and wellness community. This crunchy snack is perfect for satisfying mid-meal cravings. They have an extremely subtle flavor and are therefore prioritized for texture over taste.
  • Weight management: Healthy roots after ate is a low-calorie, nutrient-dense snack that may help to keep you feeling full and satisfied, which can help with weight management.
  • Supports healthy digestion: Healthy roots after ate is an excellent source of fiber. It helps regulate bowel movements and alleviates digestive problems such as constipation or diarrhea. It also stimulates the production of gastric juices and speeds up digestion.
  • Promoting oral hygiene: Because healthy roots after ate is a super rich in calcium and contain antibacterial ingredients, it helps kill harmful bacteria in the mouth, promoting good oral hygiene.

Customer Reviews

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Harinder Singh

I love the natural ingredients in After Ate. Its my go-to post-meal treat.

Devki Jain

After Ate has a great flavour and really helps to settle my stomach after meals.

Jayanti K

I keep a pack of After Ate in my bag for a quick, refreshing treat after meals.

Ranjana Dole

The taste of After Ate is amazing and it leaves my mouth feeling refreshed.

Indu M

This product helps me feel less bloated after eating. A great addition to my routine.

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