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By using Healthy roots Haldi latte mix, you can create a powerful beverage that will outdo several exorbitant health tonics. From relieving minor sniffles to getting rid of the flu, it has been known to cure people of all age groups. This potion can be prepared by adding a pinch of Haldi Latte as little in a hot cup of milk. Consume it before bedtime so that it works when your body heals itself at the best.

  • No chemicals, no preservatives, no additives: Healthy roots Haldi latte is a powerful blend with the cardinal herb being stone ground turmeric powder. This age-old tonic is made by fusing together ginger powder, badam powder, mulethi powder & many other classic ayurvedic ingredients..
  • Boosts the immune system: Healthy roots Haldi latte contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties that may help to steadily prevent or treat certain ailments. These properties may help you to prevent chronic diseases, including Cancer and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Improves brain health: Healthy roots Haldi latte works to keep your brain healthy and improve your memory. Consuming a moderate amount of this elixir regularly can help increase brain chemicals that are related to better memory formation & growth.
  • Act as mood enhancer: Healthy roots Haldi latte may help in enhancing your mood. Curcumin, a substance found in haldi, wards off symptoms of mild depression, and can help you considerably with mood swings. 

Customer Reviews

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Danjeet Kotien

I bought this drink for my mother but now i also began to take this caffeine free drink.

Gunjan Garg
Outstanding quality

100% packed with natural components which dont have any side effects. So everyone must keep it in their kitchen.

Sikha Dumpati

Better than other unhealthy drinks. Everyday I give this drink to my kid before going to school. He enjoys it very well.

Gaytri Patil
Perfect for all people

It is a good product for the health of every person, whether they are young, old or children.

Ganga Das

I start my day with healthy roots haldi latte with milk. It keeps me healthy and fit.

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