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Healthy Roots believes in creating products that are 100% natural & wholesome to promote clean eating amongst the Indian society. We have come up with another thriving product, coconut dates, that is immensely tasty to eat and nurtures good health.

No chemicals, no preservatives, no additives: Our coconut dates are organically harvested and do not contain refined sugar or preservatives. It has an endless list of benefits to convince you to try it out.

Rich in nutrients: Coconut Dates have an outstanding nutrition profile. They retain some crucial vitamins and minerals in addition to a considerable amount of fibre.

Strong bones & teeth: Coconut dates are a rich source of phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium. They have the potential to prevent osteoporosis.

High in fibre: Coconut dates are rich in soluble fibre. Fibre can aid your digestive health by relieving constipation and promoting regular bowel movements.

Boosts memory and learning: Dates contain choline, a B vitamin. Higher choline yields better memory and learning. Hence, it is proven to be beneficial for children and older adults at risk of Alzheimer's.

Customer Reviews

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Kunal Panday

This snack is the best option to satisfy my cravings.


Packed in a jar that keeps dates in good condition and moisture free.


These dates can be a healthy choice. Must incorporate them in our daily life.

Jagendra Singha

Amazing taste.

Kolluri Sai

The natural sweetness present in this snack made me addicted.