Eucalyptus Raw Honey
Eucalyptus Raw Honey
Eucalyptus Raw Honey
Eucalyptus Raw Honey
Healthy Roots unadulterated, unpasteurized and unfiltered  Raw honey
Pure Healthy Roots Raw Honey with crystallization property


Eucalyptus Raw Honey

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  • Straight From Beehives: The only ingredient in our Eucalyptus honey is natural honey which is directly sourced from beekeepers of Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat.
  • Crystallization: We provide the best raw honey which can be proved by crystallization. Crystallization is proof of the purity and raw nature of honey which mainly depends on the natural sugar content of raw organic honey since our Honey is straight from beehives it contains pollen and wax due to which it has a tendency to crystallize.
  • Packed in Glass Bottles so that Raw Honey retains all its medicinal and ayurvedic benefits and you receive in the purest form. Organic honey can also help you with weight loss.
  • Why different Flavours? Different varieties of flowers have different nectars in them, this nectar is responsible for the flavour, taste, consistency and medicinal values of the Honey. Here, Eucalyptus Raw Honey comes from mixed berry flowers that are cultivated together. Thus honey made by bees using different flowers in different seasons results in different flavours of honey.
  • Ethically extracted Honey: Ancient techniques of cruelty-free honey extraction are used after bees have had their complete share of honey.

Customer Reviews

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Manish Agrawal
fresh and pure

It has multipurpose benefits. This honey is fresh and pure. Completely satisfied with the product

Sana Dilawaez
Excellent product

Pure honey. Will order once again.

Baishakhi datta
Decent Honey

This is natural honey with a very good aroma

Mayuri Kadam
100 % pure

I did not find preservatives in it. Its 100 % pure honey with rich Health benefits. Have been using it for almost five months now

Ghanshyam Gupta
Simply awesome

I liked it very much especially the taste