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Garlic Honey

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The experience of devouring this classic fusion of garlic with honey is unbeatable. Both ingredients present innumerable health benefits ranging from fighting cold to a balanced wellbeing. Just consume a spoonful daily or enjoy it with chapati, the choice is completely yours! 

  • 100 % natural: Our garlic honey is made up of just 2 natural ingredients- pure honey and garlic. We do not use any chemicals, preservatives, or additives nor do we process our products. Fresh quality garlic cloves are acquired from Madhya Pradesh and honey is sourced from the local apiaries of Himachal. Since it is 100% authentic & natural, it retains all the nutritional goodness, flavors, & aroma. 
  • Crystallization: Crystallization is proof of purity for natural honey. It happens due to the natural sugar content and since our honey is unprocessed & straight from beehives, there are chances of it crystallizing.
  • Abundant source of energy: Honey infused with garlic cloves is ideal for a quick boost of energy. It’s because carbohydrates, present in honey, is the primary fuel that the body uses for energy. The glucose in garlic honey is absorbed by the body quickly, giving an immediate energy boost.
  • Detoxify your body: Thanks to healthy roots garlic honey for having excellent detoxifying components, including multiple bioactive selenium & sulfur compounds. The combination of these superfoods helps to flush out toxins & cleanse your system and, thus resulting in a healthy gut.
  • Reduces blood clotting: Healthy roots garlic honey has antiplatelet properties which make the blood thin. Thus, it may help in preventing clots and decrease the chances of heart attack & strokes.

Customer Reviews

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Kriti Tiwari

I appreciate this Sugar free sweetener.

Kartik Kadam

Two nutrient dense foods packed in a bottle.

Sandeep Kannan

Love this flavorful honey

Pratam Gade

A well-designed and attractive package. The taste is awesome too.

Zoya Sakib

This honey is a game changer.