Gir Cow Ghee
Gir Cow Ghee
Gir Cow Ghee
Gir Cow Ghee
Gir Cow Ghee


Gir Cow Ghee

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Pure Desi Ghee  - Our ghee is the purest and is extracted from the traditional Bilona method.

Extracted from Gir Cow Milk - Healthy Roots Ghee is extracted from rare Gir cows that are healthy and heightened.

No chemicals, No preservatives - Healthy Roots pure desi ghee is free from any chemical or preservatives and is fully packed with nutrients.

Rich in nutrients- Healthy Roots Ghee is rich in Vitamin A2, E, and D. It is also a good source of Omega 3. All these nutrients help us in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Customer Reviews

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Janhavi Vibhandik
Good Aroma and Flavour

"Unmatchable product....Very pleasent
smell comes with this ghee and when i
use this ghee in preparing food, it's smell
spreads all over the house. "

Riya Surve
Great Taste

First timer buy from this brand and used to make gajar
halwa. had very yummy taste.

Chitra Kurup
Amazing Flavour

"Authentic taste & flavour. Packet of ghee is also nice.
Healthy roots provides good health at affordable prices.
Plz carry on....."

Ishika Gosar
100% Pure

"When I tasted this ghee, I memorized my old days.
My mumma used to make ghee by herself. It is
100% pure and naturally extracted and I would suggest everyone to please give a try."

Garima Joshi
Heart Healthy

Ghee is a healthy component that holds healthy fatty
acid which support healthy heart and cardiovascular
system. So use ghee to make heart in good shape.