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Himalayan Raw Honey 500gm | Himalayan Honey

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Dive into the enchanting beauty of the Himalayas through the Healthyroots Honey Collection- Himalayan Raw Honey. Sourced from the serene valleys and lush flora of the Himalayas, our Himalayan Raw Honey is a doorway to a genuine and nourishing sweetening adventure. With every jar, we deliver a slice of this pristine paradise, preserved in its most natural state.

Key Features

  • Raw and Unheated: Our Himalayan Raw Honey is extracted from honeycombs and bottled, retaining its natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. 
  • Pure and Unadulterated: This Himalayan honey is free from additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors, ensuring you get honey in its purest form.
  • Natural Flavor: The diverse Himalayan flora lends a distinct and rich flavor to our honey, making each taste a new experience. 

Perfect for Every Household

Healthyroots Honey is the ideal choice for individuals of all walks of life. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast aiming to naturally sweeten your creations, a health-conscious individual in search of natural remedies, or someone seeking a versatile, all-natural product for various applications, our Himalayan Raw Honey is the answer you've been looking for.

Versatile Uses
  • As a Natural Sweetener: Our Himalayan honey is an ideal alternative to processed sugars for teas, coffees, and smoothies.
  • Baking Ingredient: This honey gives a unique, rich flavor to baked goods while keeping them moist and healthy.
  • Glaze and Topping: Perfect for drizzling over desserts, breakfast bowls, or to glaze meats and vegetables 

Health and Wellness Uses

  • Cough Suppressant: Himalayan honey is an effective remedy for soothing sore throats, calming cough and easing related symptoms.
  • Digestive Aid: This honey alleviates issues like indigestion while promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.
  • Immunity Booster: The antibacterial and antifungal properties of honey can boost the immune system, aiding in the prevention and treatment of infections.
  • Wound & Burn Healing: Its natural antibacterial properties aid in healing minor wounds and burns.
  • Skin Care: As a powerhouse of essential nutrients, honey gives you healthy, younger looking and glowing skin. 

  • Straight From Beehives: The only ingredient in our Himalayan honey is natural honey which is directly sourced from beekeepers of Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat.
  • Crystallization: We provide the best raw honey which can be proved by crystallization. Crystallization is proof of the purity and raw nature of honey which mainly depends on the natural sugar content of raw organic honey since our Honey is straight from beehives it contains pollen and wax due to which it has a tendency to crystallize.
  • Packed in Glass Bottles so that Raw Honey retains all its medicinal and ayurvedic benefits and you receive in the purest form. Organic honey can also help you in weight loss.
  • Why different Flavours? Different varieties of flowers have different nectars in them, this nectar is responsible for the flavour, taste, consistency and medicinal values of the Honey. Here, Himalayan Raw Honey comes from giant Himalayan honey bees. These bees have lived for a long time in the Himalayan area and produce the best Himalaya honey. Thus honey made by bees using different flowers in different seasons results in different flavours of honey.
  • Ethically extracted Honey: Ancient techniques of cruelty-free honey extraction are used after bees have had their complete share of honey.

Dive into the essence of purity with the Healthyroots Raw Honey Collection. Our Himalayan Raw Honey is not just a product; it's a promise of quality, well being, and unparalleled taste.

Make it a staple in your home and experience the myriad benefits it brings to the table. Add it to your cart today and embark on a journey of wellness and natural goodness!

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Meena Kumari

Himalayan Raw Honey boosts my energy naturally. Love the pure taste!

Disha D

Rich in antioxidants and delicious too. Perfect for my health!

Sony Verma

Healthy Roots' honey has a rich flavour and boosts immunity. Amazing!

Sohail Khan

Great taste and full of nutrients. A daily dose keeps me healthy!

Priti Prasad

Full of natural goodness. Himalayan Raw Honey is perfect for my wellness!

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