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Honey Amla

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Healthy Roots Honey Amla is a cool & scrumptious amalgamation of fresh amla and healthful natural honey.

  • 100% Natural: Our honey amla is made up of just 2 natural ingredients- natural honey and amla. We do not use any chemicals, preservatives, or additives nor do we process our products. The Indian Gooseberries are acquired from the finest farms in India and honey is sourced from the local apiaries of Himachal. Since it is 100% authentic & natural, it retains all the nutritional goodness, flavors, & aroma.
  • Crystallization: Crystallization is proof of purity for natural honey. It happens due to the natural sugar content and since our honey is unprocessed & straight from beehives, there are chances of it crystallizing.
  • Builds your immunity: This combo pack of honey & amla is known to be brimming with vitamin C, which is a powerful immunity-boosting vitamin. Vitamin C helps enhance the antibody response and white blood cell function.
  • Improves eyesight: Rich in Vitamin C, Healthy roots honey amla also helps you to attain better vision. It improves eyesight and removes itching & redness problems while reducing the risk of developing a cataract, glaucoma, and age related macular degeneration.
  • Keeps healthy digestion: The two magic superfoods work in regulating bowel movement and alleviate digestive problems such as constipation or diarrhea. It also stimulates the production of gastric juices and speeds up digestion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Kishan Gore

Love the unique flavour of honey and amla. Must try!

Pinky M

The mix of amla and honey is superb. Keeps me energized and healthy!

Abhi Vidhate

This honey-amla blend is a fantastic way to stay healthy. Love the taste!

Soundrya V

Love the tangy-sweet taste. Great for my skin and overall wellness!

Veena More

This product is incredible. The tangy amla pairs perfectly with the honey!

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