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Healthy Roots Honey Gulkand is a cool & scrumptious amalgamation of fresh rose petals and healthful natural honey.

  • 100% Natural: Our honey gulkand is made up of just 2 natural ingredients- natural honey and rose petals. We do not use any chemicals, preservatives or additives nor do we process our products. High quality rose petals are acquired from the finest farms in India and honey is sourced from the local apiaries of Himachal. Since it is 100% authentic & natural, it retains all the nutritional goodness, flavours, & aroma.
  • Crystallization: Crystallization is proof of purity for natural honey. It happens due to the natural sugar content and since our honey is unprocessed & straight from beehives, there are chances of it crystallizing.
  • Cooling effects on your body: This delicious combination of Honey & Gulkand is known to have cooling effects on your body. During summers, when the temperature is higher than usual, consuming Honey Gulkand can prevent sun strokes, nostril bleeding, and dizziness. It can calm you down, eliminate stress & rid you of any burning sensation.
  • Helps in digestion: Healthy Roots Gulkand Honey is an amazing digestive tonic as it helps people with gastrointestinal problems. Its rich antioxidant content is known to reduce acidity, and stomach heat and promote gut health. Consume it directly, with milk, or as a jam, its delicious taste will never fail to amaze you in any form.
  • Improves Hair & Skin Health: Honey Gulkand can boost your blood circulation. Healthy blood circulation can eradicate harmful toxins from your body. This not only boosts the growth of hair follicles but also decreases skin problems.

Customer Reviews

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Ravi Diwakar
Make my food delicious

I am impressed by seeing its quality & texture. It enhances the taste of food. Really buy it again in a bigger bottle.

Annpurna Ahuja

Sterling item

Ritika Anand

It's hard to find honey that's pure. Most
honey contains mixed sugar syrup. On
the basis of its texture and color, we can
determine its purity. And this honey is better.

Nisha Sriram
Unpasteurized honey

Ultimate taste and Super quality

Misnomer Dindayal
Good working

Healthy roots honey is the best. On-time delivery and its packaging are also nice.