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Jeera Powder
Jeera Powder
Jeera Powder


Jeera Powder

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  • No chemicals, No preservatives- Healthy Roots Jeera Powder is the best Jeera powder as it is free from any chemicals and preservatives.  We provide the best cumin seed powder made by roasting the finest quality of cumin seeds in order to provide the customers with all the vital nutrients within the natural shelf life. 
  • No added colours-Healthy Roots provide the natural Cumin Jeera powder with no artificial colours to provide the customers with the purest Jeera powder.  
  • Crushed in the store- Healthy Roots’ Jeera powder is crushed in the store itself leaving no doubt in the mind of customers about its purity. 
  • Hand picked Cumin seeds- Healthy Roots uses handpicked Coriander to ensure that the Cumin  powder is packed with all the vital nutrition of the Cumin seeds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Ashok Garg
Aromatic powder

I love the earthy taste of jeera powder, it enhances the flavor of my curries and stews. The aroma of the dishes I prepare spreads throughout my house.

Jaideep Khanduja
Good taste

Very good flavour.
Gives food a better flavour.

Aakanksha Navle
Outstanding quality of product

Good Quality. Neat and Clean.

Imran Mohammed
Trusted brand

Reliable quality, good product

Simoyan Kumar
It makes my meals tasty

This jeera powder is a must-have spice in my kitchen for its versatile and delicious taste.