Kesar Kashmiri Mongra 1 gm
Kesar Kashmiri Mongra 1 gm
Kesar Kashmiri Mongra 1 gm


Kesar Kashmiri Mongra 1 gm

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Take a trip to your senses with Kesar Kashmiri Mongra and experience luxury at its finest

Dive into a sensory journey with Healthy roots Kesar Kashmiri Mongra, the golden essence that uplifts your dishes to culinary masterpieces. Also known as Zafraan or Jafran, our saffron is a pure, natural, and original premium product, directly sourced from the serene valleys of Kashmir. Each strand speaks volumes of its tremendous benefits and plays a role more than just a spice. This incredible ingredient not only enriches your cooking but also contributes to your overall well-being.

Key Benefits Kesar Kashmiri Mongra

Pure and Natural: Harvested with care and steeped in tradition, Healthy Roots saffron is 100% pure without leaving any scope for adulteration, ensuring authenticity and purity.

Rich Color and Flavor: Renowned for its vibrant deep red color, our Kashmiri Mongra offers a unique and aromatic flavor. Its slightly sweet, floral, and earthy taste makes it a sought-after spice in culinary applications.

Culinary Applications: Known for its distinct color, flavor, and aroma, kesar is used in both sweet and savory dishes. Whether in traditional dishes like paella, biryani, and risotto, or desserts such as saffron-infused rice puddings, its versatility is endless. 

Beauty Enhancer: Beyond culinary uses, our saffron serves as a natural skin brightener, aiding in reducing skin blemishes and contributing to an overall glowing complexion. 

Medicinal Uses: Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities, our saffron helps in controlling mood swings and boosting your immunity.

Who Should Use Healthy Roots Kesar Kashmiri Mongra?

Handpicked from the lush fields of Pampore, Kashmir, healthy roots Mongra Kesar surpasses the efficacy of Lacha saffron. More than just a spice, it is nature's precious gift.

Perfect for individuals of all ages seeking to enhance their health and lifestyle. Whether you aim to elevate your culinary creations, boost physical health, or improve mental wellbeing, our premium saffron is your go-to ingredient.

Customer Reviews

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Kavita Rasaily

Nice packaging that keeps it fresh for a long time.

Naazneen Khwaja

Best kesar till now.

Neetu Shaundik

Real and fresh quality of kesar.

Ranjit Paswan

First time purchased, and definitely buying it again in future.

Akshay Raipure

It is 100% real saffron.

100% Pure and Natural
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