5 Health Tips Every Woman Must Follow

5 Health Tips Every Woman

A woman is not only a daughter, wife or a mother, but she is also a leader, an entrepreneur, inventor, educator, and the list goes on. She is at the forefront in all fields, except for one- her health. As a woman, when was the last time you paused and thought about your well being? We are sure that this might have happened a long ago or never. But now, we want you to pause and spare some time for yourself and read the below five health tips for a healthy you.

Firstly, what does WOMAN stand for? In terms of the nutrition world, let's discover the newest expansion for this word.

W- Whole grains and Water

O- Oils (Cold-pressed)

M- Milk & milk products

A- Anti-ageing foods 

N- Never ditch self-care

Let's elaborate on each of these letters.

W- Consume WHOLE grains and drink lots of WATER every day.

Whole grains offer a complete package of health benefits. Unlike refined grains, whole grains have bran and fibre that slows down the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose. This helps in preventing the drop down of energy levels anytime during the day. Fibre also lowers cholesterol and throws away the waste out of the digestive tract. Phytochemicals, the rescuers found in whole grains may protect against breast cancer and its minerals are used by the body to carry out other necessary functions that boost the overall health. A woman's body has 55% water, hence she needs to drink a minimum of 2.7 litres/day to keep her metabolic rate high. 

Tip:-Daily a minimum of two servings of whole-grain atta like bajra, jowar, nachni, whole wheat should be a compulsory part of your meals.

O- Cook your food in cold-pressed OILS for a healthy heart.

Cold Preesed Oil for Cooking

Refined oils can cause complications like heart attacks, cancer and inflammation because many healthy compounds are lost from the oil during the refining process, whereas, in cold-pressed oils, all beneficial compounds, majorly heart-healthy fats and disease-fighting antioxidants are retained due to its method of extraction.

So a woman must cook food with cold-pressed coconut, mustard, groundnut or sesame seed oil that shall contribute to the health metre of her meals.

M- Milk & Curd for bones.

You are born to fight. To be a fighter you need strong bones, right? Calcium is essential for the growth and maintenance of bones. Lack of calcium may invite the risk of osteoporosis.

Calcium also regulates proper nerve functioning which helps to land up wise decisions on the go.  It also helps in reducing muscle cramps caused due to  overstress or work. Calcium is extremely important in all stages of a woman's life.

A- Anti-Ageing foods

First in this category are the fruits that possess these properties. Loaded with natural sugar and antioxidants, fruits should be an inseparable part of a woman's diet. Develop a close bond with these superfoods that will revamp your skin by fighting age-related health troubles.

The second is honey, indeed honey delays premature ageing. As honey is the only food that never expires, a woman must consume pure and natural honey daily to stay beautiful forever.
Tip: Consume 1 tsp honey every day to kick start metabolism in the morning and later pick any two fruits as a mid-meal snack to battle your mid-day hunger.

N- Never ditch self-care.

It’s time to recognize that self-care is not selfish. Self-care includes visiting a spa, spending some time alone or doing activities that you like, be it as simple as a routine check-up.

As women, we are conditioned to keep our families first and simply put ourselves second. But time has changed, without giving your body and your mind a break, women cannot be entirely successful. 

Start prioritizing yourself! Just remember that these little upgrades are necessary as the impact they have on the way you feel about yourself is amazing. These little things shall make a big difference in your life. 

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