Cold Pressed Sesame oil for hair and glowing skin

Owing to its versatile properties, cold pressed sesame oil has astonishing nutritional benefits. It is high in magnesium, zinc, copper, calcium and manganese so, much so that even Ayurveda considers it as one of the most powerful oils when it comes to body massages. It can reduce swelling and inflammation while improving your bone health and density. 

When it comes to hair and skincare, Cold Pressed sesame oil can be very nourishing. 

The fatty acids, omega 3 & omega 6, make it a fabulous choice for taming wild hair. Regularly massaging your hair with this oil stimulates and, improves blood circulation. This strengthens the hair from the roots, making it thicker and stronger.  


Apart from this, sesame oil provides a spectrum of benefits for the skin too. It may aid in improving skin texture and other conditions like dry skin. Regular massage with this oil has resulted in lesser wrinkles and fine lines for many individuals. 

Nonetheless, sesame oil's calm, warm & nourishing nature makes it ideal for pacifying excess Vata in our bodies. 

Other than these amazing benefits, sesame oil is also known to

  • Promote physical strength
  • Bolster our ability to suppress stress
  • Support intellect & nervous system
  • Enhance sound sleep pattern

100% Pure and Natural
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