Top 5 tips to stay healthy during the rainy season

Monsoon brings a lot of thrill and relief from the scorching heat, but it also brings multiple infections & illnesses along with it. Dengue, jaundice & malaria are those diseases that many are likely to acquire during this season. So, it is essential to focus on what you are eating and how you are taking care of your health.

Stay Healthy during the rainy season

Moreover, you have to follow some of these basic health tips to ace this season without fearing bad health.

  • Drink clean water - During monsoon, you should ensure that you are drinking clean & purified water. Contaminated water can take a serious toll on your health and lead to many complications. When going outside, always carry your own water bottle instead of drinking water from a random source. 
  • Avoid street food - Rainy season might make you crave hot & spicy street food like pakoras, samosas, and chat. But these street foods come with a heavy price. As many roads are full of potholes filled with water & mud, they make a perfect storehouse for various kinds of harmful microorganisms. 
  • Intake of more immunity-boosting foods - The immunity system gets highly affected in monsoon, so it needs extra care. To protect yourself from monsoon sickness, start consuming immunity-boosting foods like seasonal & citrus fruits, vegetables, mixed seeds, nuts & healthy oil. 
  • Maintain hygiene - Make sure to keep yourself clean & dry because moisture facilitates the growth of infections. Moreover, keep your house free from water blogging, stagnant water, leakage & broken pipes. 
  • Regular exercise - Don’t get influenced by the cozy environment and stick to your regular exercise routine. The types of exercise that you can perform indoors include skipping, squatting, and planking. 

In conclusion, monsoon can be an alluring & spirit uplifting season, if you follow these health-friendly tips and get the most of it!

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