Fresh Chakki Atta

Explore the wholesome world of our Fresh Chakki Atta collection at Healthy Roots, where tradition meets nutrition in every grain. Our carefully curated selection includes a variety of atta to suit every health need and culinary preference, encompassing Khapli Atta, Wheat Atta, Rajgira Atta, Multi Grain Atta, Black Wheat Atta, and Soyabean Atta. Each type is grounded in authenticity and packed with nutrients, ensuring that your meals are not only delicious but also incredibly beneficial for your health.


Khapli Atta is crafted from ancient Emmer wheat, known for its low gluten content and rich nutty flavor. It’s an excellent choice for the health-conscious, providing a good source of fiber and essential nutrients with a lower glycemic index, making it ideal for those managing blood sugar levels.


Wheat Atta, the staple of Indian kitchens, is freshly milled from high-quality wheat grains. It's perfect for making soft and fluffy chapatis and parathas that taste like home. Rich in fiber, it supports digestive health while being a versatile base for numerous traditional recipes.


Rajgira Atta, made from amaranth seeds, is a powerhouse of lysine, an essential amino acid rarely found in grains. Gluten-free and loaded with protein, calcium, and iron, Rajgira Atta is perfect for rotis and as a thickening agent in soups and stews, making it ideal for gluten-sensitive diets and those looking to boost their nutrient intake.

Multi Grain

Multi Grain Atta combines the goodness of several grains like wheat, millet, barley, and chickpea, offering a complex mix of dietary fibers, proteins, and essential minerals. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking to enhance their dietary variety in one easy scoop.

Black Wheat

Black Wheat Atta stands out with its antioxidant properties due to the anthocyanins that give it its distinctive color. This atta is not just about its striking visual appeal—it also helps in fighting inflammation and boosting heart health.


Soyabean Atta is a nutritional champion with its high protein content and rich array of vitamins and minerals. Ideal for vegetarians and those looking to up their protein intake, it adds a creamy texture and a slight nutty flavor to breads and pastries.

At Healthy Roots, each batch of atta is ground using traditional chakki methods to retain flavor, aroma, and nutritional value. Whether you're making a simple daily meal or a special festive dish, our Fresh Chakhi Atta collection brings you a step closer to nature with pure, unadulterated flours that promise not just taste but a feast of health benefits. Dive into our diverse range, and let your culinary skills flourish with the finest grains available.

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