Cold Pressed Oil | The Ultimate Guide 2023

It’s poor civic hygiene to install technologies that could someday facilitate a police state.”  - Bruce Schneier

Being that said, you might be aware of the general and renowned cold pressing method. But, how cold-pressed oil is prepared? What differentiates it from the so-called refined oil? And Whether it’s a genuine route to healthy and sound living? If these questions make sense, then let’s dig deeper to get some convincing answers to the same.

Also referred to as cold-drawn or virgin oil, cold-pressed oil is considered the purest form of oil bestowed by mother nature and naturally extracted by mankind. With lip-smacking flavor, cold-pressed oil doesn’t favor the soaring temperatures.

Cold-pressed oils are the new talk of the town. Why? It’s referred to as a healthy alternative to prepare scrumptious and healthy meals. 

The Method

Generally, cooking oils are extracted from seeds, fruits, vegetables, or even nuts. Cold pressing is the method of extracting oil derived from oilseeds, basically encompassing sesame and sunflower seeds, coconut, olive, or canola devoid of the need for heating to extract the oil.

The heating aspect of the oil gratingly degrades the flavor and nutritional quality of the oil.  Here, cold pressing comes to the rescue as the process includes crushing seeds and nuts through pressure to extract the oil. 

‘KACHI GHANI-” a cold-press organic extraction of oil responsible for balancing Vat, Pitta, and Kaph was somewhere lost in the dark due to the modern advancements and people’s preferences.

Ghani- a mortar and pestle tool prepared from stone or wood using a mosey animal extracted oil from the oilseeds. A very simple and genuine process of cold-pressing oils without generating a lot of heat. Sadly,  technically advanced extraction machines have superseded ‘ghanis’ and the so-called notion of ‘refined oils’ came into being. 

These machines use immoderate heating temperatures to produce good quantities of oil but indirectly compromising the quality of the same. 

Should You Include Cold-Pressed Oil in Your Diet? 

Cold-pressed oils are a rich source of healthy antioxidants. Which might be otherwise deteriorated due to the excessive use of heat.

Antioxidants can act as fire-fighters that might prevent the human body from cell damage caused by free radicals.

Cold-pressed oils are a healthy source of Vitamin E- possessing anti-inflammatory properties. Also, the presence of oleic acid helps to escalate your immune system.

Is Cold-Pressed Oil Worth the Investment? 

It’s generally recommended to use cold-pressed cooking oils as they not only possess delectable flavor but are a safe and sound approach to a healthy lifestyle.

As it’s rightly said by Mr. Herbet M. Selton, “ cutting out bad habits is far effective and efficient than cutting out organs.”

As cold-pressed oil is high in unsaturated fats, these oils are not meant for deep frying purposes or even sauteing. However, sesame and olive oil can be served if sprinkle over prepared meals.

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