Digital Detox and why is it necessary?

Swami Vivekanand once quoted,

"Everything Excess in Life, Is Poison"

If you think carefully, this phrase may prove to be very apt in your life if you are someone obsessed with the digital world.    

Nowadays, being plugged in is a normal part of life. Day by day, the time we spend on our digital gadgets is increasing at an alarming rate. From getting up in the morning to sleeping at night, we are always involved with our gadgets. In the morning, our smartphone alarm wakes us up. While getting ready to leave for work, we watch tv news or scan our messages. Throughout the day, we scroll through Facebook & Instagram and, if not that, we're constantly on the Internet to learn something new. 

The constant connection to the digital world takes a toll on your quality of life and overloads your senses. That’s why taking a break from electronic devices and staying away from the screen for some time can help you feel good- physically, mentally, and emotionally. And this is what we know as “ digital detox”.

During this period, participants intentionally reduce their screen time and disconnect from the digital world completely for a brief period. 

Benefits Digital Detox

  • Better social relations - Keeping away from digital devices creates more opportunities to pay attention to those around us. Without the device, we can spend more time with our family and make better connections with people who truly care about us. 
  • Get fit - Continuously staring at the screen strains your eyes, and increases the chance of blurry vision, dry eyes, and even headaches. You may also be affected by the pain in your neck or back. A digital detox may provide relief from these problems. Utilize this time to indulge in physical exercises like Zumba, and CrossFit Workout to improve your wellbeing.
  • Get good sleep - Usually, when we go to bed, we are busy with scrolling, liking, posting, or surfing the internet till late at night. Lack of sleep over a long time can affect your mood and health. Disconnecting from digital devices may improve your sleep cycle. 

So, when are you planning to detoxify digitally?

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