Effective ways to treat iron deficiency woes

Iron deficiency anemia affects almost 30% of the global population. The lack of iron in the body suppresses the formation of hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that enables them to carry oxygen.

 In this ambiance, the number of red blood cells begins to decrease, and our heart, brain, liver, and other parts of the body may not be able to perform at their fullest. 


It occurs when our body doesn’t have enough mineral iron to produce hemoglobin. Here is a list of why it happens-

  • Lack of iron intake - Consuming diets that lack iron is a leading cause of the deficiency. One should include iron-packed foods like meat, fish, eggs, and green vegetables in their daily diets to keep iron deficiency at bay.
  • Blood loss - In women, heavy menstrual bleeding and blood loss during childbirth are the common causes of iron deficiency anemia. Source of blood loss may even include serious accidents or losing a small amount of blood over a long time. 
  • Inability to absorb iron - Some disorders and surgeries like celiac disorder or intestinal surgery interfere with how our body absorbs iron. Even if we take enough iron in our diet, these disorders may control the amount of iron our body can absorb.

What can you do?

Here is a holistic guide to preventing iron deficiency -

  • Increasing iron intake - Anemic people should increase their intake of iron-rich foods such as Green beans, Soy products, Nuts & seeds, and Dried fruits like dates and figs that boost the production of hemoglobin.
  • Iron absorbing foods - By drinking citrus juice or eating other vitamin-C-rich foods increases your body's ability to dietary iron absorption. Orange, tomato, kiwi & broccoli are rich sources of vitamin C that develop the amount of iron absorbed.
  • Drinking water from copper vessels - According to Ayurveda, drinking water stored in copper vessels is highly recommended. Drinking this water regularly helps to restore the natural minerals and enhance iron levels in the body.
  • Taking iron supplements - Iron supplements are necessary for those with extremely low hemoglobin. These supplements will gradually increase the iron level within one or two weeks. The dosage will depend on a person’s hemoglobin level.

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