Why do cold pressed oils foam?

Do you worry when you see foam while cooking in your Cold Pressed oils? If yes, we are here to put an end to this query and give you the exact explanation of why it happens. 

Mostly, foaming in oil can be seen when it is used for deep frying food. It is a very common phenomenon only if you try to understand why and not rely on google for the answers. Here are the two main reasons for the same:

  1. Cold pressed oils are naturally extracted without adding any chemicals whereas refined oils contain are purposely treated with anti-foaming chemicals like Dimethylpolysiloxane to avoid foam formation. 
  2. Cold pressed oil consists of moisture, and this too results in foaming. 

There is no specific rule on how much foam is acceptable and how much is not. As foam formation depends on the oilseeds and the moisture content, the probabilities are that it will change every time with use. It does not indicate that the oil is spoiled but rather gives proof that your oil is free from chemicals and is completely natural.