Winter chills making you overeat unhealthy food? Try these foods instead

Winter creates some of the most bizarre visuals around us. From heavy clothes to chapped lips & cracked heels, we can see it all. One more reason to dread this season lies in the increase of appetite. This perpetual hunger is because of body's mechanism to keep itself warm. During winters, our body temperature tends to drop. In this case, the body switches on the starvation mode, it feels that there are not enough nutrients in the blood to keep us warm, resulting in the stimulation of hunger spells. 

Here is a list of foods that will keep your body warm without compromising on your well being- 

  • Vegetables & fruits - Green vegetables & fruits like green beans, carrots, potatoes & peas are highly nutritious foods. These vegetables improve immune function, proper growth & development.
  • Dried fruits - Regular intake of dry fruits ensure an active nervous system. It maintains sugar levels and also keeps the heart healthy. Almonds, dates, walnuts & anjeer are some of the go to options. 
  • Spices - Some spices like mustard, black pepper, ajwain & turmeric are warm in nature. They can be used in powerful remedies to get rid of winter cough & flu. 
  • Protein & omega 3 rich foods - Foods plentiful in these components can warm your body. Lentils, tofu, fish & dairy products are the best source of protein, fibre & many other nutrients. 
  • Saffron - Saffron has plenty of medical properties that promote better health and shiny skin. It is also loaded with antioxidants and also helps in boosting your immunity. Consuming saffron with milk keeps your body warm and ready for the winter season.

In conclusion, these foods make your winter pleasant. So don't miss out on the opportunity to consume dishes that help you stay warm while keeping your appetite at bay.  

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